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Argyll & Bute Council 

Gaelic Medium Education is available in 7 different primary schools and 5 secondary schools across the Local Authority. Please see the full list and their contact details below. 

Gaelic (


Bowmore Primary, Islay – email -

Website - Bowmore Primary School


Bunessan Primary School, Mull – email

Website - Bunessan Primary School


Rockfield Primary School, Oban – email:

Website - Rockfield Primary School


Salen Primary School, Mull – email:

Website - Salen Primary School


Sandbank Primary School, Dunoon - email:     

Website - Sandbank Primary School


Strath of Appin Primary School - email:

Website - Starth of Appin Primary School


Tiree Primary School – email:

Website - Tiree Primary School



Islay High School – email:

Website - Islay High School

Tiree Secondary School – email:

Website - Tiree Primary School

Tobermory High School – email:

Website - Tobermory High School

Oban High School – email:

Website - Oban High School

Dunoon Grammar School – email:

Website - Dunoon Grammar

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