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Welcome to Comann nam Pàrant, the national parents' advice
and support organisation on Gaelic Medium Education.

Comann nam Pàrant (CnP), means "Parents’ Organisation", consists of a network of around 30 local groups, representing the interests of parents whose children are educated through the medium of Gaelic at the various levels, from pre-school to secondary level. The main aim of all CnP groups is "to promote and support the establishment and maintenance of education through the medium of Gaelic". It was as a result of the efforts of parents that Gaelic medium education (GME) first began in 1985. On our site you will find further information about Gaelic Medium Education, resources, videos and about local Comann nam Parant groups.

For more information regarding using Gaelic in the home, learning opportunities and the early years, please check out our other website Neadan.

Gaelic Medium Education

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Learning in Gaelic

Gaelic medium education is one of the main ways of achieving or maintaining fluency in Gaelic. This is especially true of children from a non-Gaelic speaking background. Gaelic medium education is open to everyone, those who speak Gaelic and those who do not.

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Support for Parents 

In any education system, parents have a crucial role to play and where Gaelic is concerned this role takes on an added dimension; it was as a result of the efforts of parents that GME began in 1985.

Parental support is vital at all stages of Gaelic medium education.

Put Gaelic at the heart of your home

Our sister website full of information, advice and materials for parents to embed Gaelic into the home. Short videos, podcasts, free Gaelic classes all available on the website

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Annual Report

To read the latest Annual Report, please click here

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